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Impact Enterprises, the organizations of tomorrow

The global economy is at a crossroads.
In recent years it has been increasingly acknowledged that the traditional market economy needs a large transformation to cope with the challenges our world faces.



Seizing the day, making the change :

A platform for changemakers and a catalyst for a powerful ecosystem and a resilient economy

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There is currently a momentum

Work on a global scale to find innovative business models that blend traditional capitalism with solutions that tackle environmental issues as well as chronic social problems and address so the long-term needs of our planet. (see The Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals).
The need to come together to create new economic and societal models is peaking. The opportunity now exists for like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate and share in a common goal – to develop high-impact business solutions, driven by innovative entrepreneurs and organizations committed to sustainably addressing social needs.

Towards an inclusive Economy

Impact Enterprises look to create a ‘virtuous circle’: as the company grows, so too does its positive social impact. It doesn’t mean less profit, it simply means that a venture’s success leads to greater benefits for all, influencing education, healthcare, poverty, the environment and the many issues that help societies to thrive.
In other words the role of impact enterprise is to solve social problems by providing goods and services in a sustainable way, i.e. profitable enough to stay in business and grow.

Upcoming Events

ESELA-SIEA Conference

September 14, 2016

The Swiss Impact Enterprise Association is holding a conference on Social Enterprise on 21 October 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, in collaboration with ...


The First European B Corp Summer Summit

June 8, 2016

This first European B Corp Summer Summit is a celebration for People Using Business as a Force for Good. We have a powerful opportunity to tap the kno...


Governance Workshop II: Legal Framework for Social Business In Switzerland

June 7, 2016

Giving Women is a network of women involved in philanthropy who together pool their time, knowledge, professional experience, financial means, and ide...

“ Now is the time for governments, the business sector and civil society to act together for a sustainable world. ”

The objective of high-impact enterprises is to use their venture’s success to create lasting social and environmental change.