Governance Workshop II: Legal Framework for Social Business In Switzerland

DATE: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Do you have a social business idea that you have been working on for some time? Are you wondering which legal form is best suited to meet your needs in Switzerland and what is the tax treatment of social businesses? A review of the legal, tax and governance issues essential to building a strong social business will be discussed at this workshop.


Workshop of Governance II will be offered by Julie Wynne, Giving Women member and attorney at law and partner at Froriep,  on June 22nd: “The Legal Framework for Social Enterprise in Switzerland” in which we will explore the best legal forms for social businesses.


We will also welcome Jonathan Normand, B Lab Europe’s Country partner for Switzerland. Jonathan will share his insights into the BCorp movement and explain what social businesses are eligible and how to apply. This will give participants a full picture of the framework for businesses with a social and environmental purpose.


Following the presentation, attendants will break into smaller groups to apply the learnings to single projects while we enjoy a light dinner. Please submit you projects  here.