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Why Social Entrepreneurship Seems So Much Harder

by Chris Miller – Triple Pundit 9.06.2016


Social entrepreneurship and its commercial counterpart are much more alike than different. In fact, some experts have concluded that all entrepreneurship is actually social. Without a doubt, launching a startup of any kind requires a herculean effort to scale and sustain.


Nonetheless, three key differences make business planning for a social enterprise even more difficult:


“Mission-market” analysis ; “Industry-market” analysis ; Impact measurement plan (social return on investment). 

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Policy Brief on Social Impact Measurement for Social Enterprises

Full paper link :  OECD 2015


Social impact measurement aims to assess the social value and impact produced by the activities or operations of any for-profit or non-profit organisation. Although any business can have a social impact, non-profit organisations and social enterprises are explicitly designed to create social value while addressing social challenges and are therefore expected to produce social impact. The analysis of both the academic literature and the laws and policies implemented to date highlights several key characteristics of social enterprises. Producing social impact is only one of the conditions (albeit an important one) required for an entity to be recognised as a social enterprise.

Social Innovation - A Decade of Changes

From this time, three major developments have emerged: – the players have evolved; – the institutions are also changing; – ideas have developed and spread too. The recent dynamic combination of interests, institutions and ideas for the promotion of social innovation has been embedded in wider political, technological and economic changes which have affected and will continue to affect the development of social innovation in the current decade.

The European Union itself has reacted promptly to these evolutions. The new BEPA report sets up that the European Union is at a decisive moment in its history in terms of the policies it intends to take tomorrow to support social innovation and the future it wants to design.